This Frequently asked questions to provide you information about Medical Billing Outsourcing

1. Why should you outsource your medical billing?”

Outsourcing a very compound medical billing process expressively increases a physician’s confidence that billing is handled accurately and efficiently. Acer Health Medical Billing Services reduces the time, stress and overhead associated with the structure and maintaining the skilled workforce needed to achieve ideal reimbursement in the ever-changing and very challenging insurance industry. Staffing, equipment, record keeping, and space for in-house billing can be costly and still not provide the level of expertise required to ensure submission of complaint claims that produce timely accounts receivable recovery.

Acer Health Medical Billing Services brings its clients extraordinary expertise that enables physicians/providers to focus on an essential element of a practice management – That is patient.

2. What services is Acer Health providing?

All providers have different challenges and goals, so it is important for Acer Health to be flexible in the services we provide. Our first priority is to offer services that promote the best interest of your practice for the long term. Standard services include:

>   Procedure and Diagnoses Coding with documentation feedback.
>   Claim generation and submission.
>   Carrier follow-up including insurance denial resolution and appeals.
>   Payment posting and processing.
>   Patient invoicing and support.
>   Collection agency transfer services, and.
>   Peace of mind.

Other services that are available include fee schedule analysis, provider enrollment, appointment scheduling, provider staff training and bookkeeping services.

3. What does Acer Health charge?

Fees are based on a percentage of your receipts. The success of Acer Health is tied to the success of the practice; Acer Health does not get paid unless you get paid/ if you don’t make money we don’t either. The percentage charged is based on many factors – specialty type, average adjusted charges, volume, interface capabilities and customized services required by the provider. Please Contact Us for more information.

4. How does Acer Health protect my accounts receivable information?

A computer backup of accounts receivable records is performed daily and stored offsite to secure your data from fire, theft, or other disasters. Acer health has established a comprehensive security management process to ensure the availability, integrity, and confidentiality of patient information and other sensitive information.

5. How are payments received and posted?

Payments are remitted to your post-office box, bank lockbox or physical address; you choose the method that works best for your needs. Checks may be transferred to Acer Health possession for posting, after which the checks are deposited directly into your bank account. Remittances are always made payable to you or your corporation.
More and more insurance payers are utilizing electronic funds transfer, depositing directly from the carrier into the provider’s bank account. The patient detail is transmitted electronically to Acer health for posting. The deposit information is then communicated to you based on your preference (i.e., fax, secure email).

6. What reports does Acer Health provide?

A variety of reports is provided at the end of each month based on the information you wish to review, including account activity and aging. Specific reports can be designed as requested. Acer Health suggests an annual meeting for an in-depth review of the most recent year and a comparison to previous years so that you may see trends and evaluate your practice performance as well as how Acer Health is performing for you.

7. Does Acer health have a Compliance Plan?

Yes! Acer Health is fully committed to compliance with clear standards of performance and education as well as the use of constructive discipline when and where necessary to maintain adherence to compliance policy and procedure.

8. What makes Acer Health different from other medical billing services?

The Acer Health team consider themselves an integral extension of your practice. The billing management services team is comprised of owners who are actively involved in the daily operations of the business. We have a personal stake in maximizing our client’s revenue dollars and minimizing the revenue cycle period. We take the time to understand your goals so that we can achieve results to help you meet those goals. Acer Health has a personal stake in your success and a proven track record of performance.

9. Why should I trust my billing processes to Acer Health?

The founders of Acer Health have been working together providing medical billing services. Acer Health has worked with a variety of medical specialties, developed compliance and HIPAA programs from the ground up, and designed streamlined processes to suit individual practices. We are fully staffed with trained personnel, certified. We have documented success in helping our clients become more profitable while alleviating the frustration of maintaining a Medical billing department.

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