Patient Liability Estimator

Patient Liability Estimator

MD Bill Patient Liability Estimator is an innovative solution which helps in verification of Insurance and calculation of applicable out of pocket balance to be collected at the time of the service. Most members Health coverage includes a co-payment, a deductible amount, and co-insurance. Upfront explanation of applicable balance and transparency enhances patient satisfaction and facilitates hassle free payments to providers. This ensures payments without traditional method of sending statements, phone calls, and commissions to collection agencies. Knowing applicable patient balance helps in set up of payment plans before the service is provided if a patient has a financial hardship and eliminates writing off bad debts.
 •  Verify if the insurance is Active or Inactive and collect updated insurance information.
 •  Check for Current Co-payment, Co-Insurance, and Remaining Deductible. 
 •  View previous balance to explain it to a patient.
 •  Generate statements for previous balances with a click of a button.
 •  Calculate applicable Co-Insurance and Deductible to be collected at the time of service.
 •  Our Medical Billing Services Keep track of all the payments received for the day.
 •  Calculate patients Out of Pocket cost for an upcoming Surgery/ Procedure.

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