Patient Statements

Patient statements Smart Report offers valuable data in real time. It provides you with the variety of easy to read, engaging and informative reports to know the financial health of your practice with a click of a button. These reports show you how your practice is performing on important revenue cycle metrics, whether the claims are being paid in a timely fashion and how well insurance carriers are reimbursing you for a particular CPT. Reports allow you to analyze at a higher level, on our medical billing and management services while the follow-up notes give you a detailed look at every action taken on an aging claim.

Patient Statements

• View pending claims by month or by Insurance aging.

• Check the reason for a delay in payment.

• Click to see Correspondence / Work done so far on an aging claim.

• View the notes to see if the patient has set up a patient payment plan.

• Check insurance reimbursements for a particular CPT code

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