Significantly improved Revenue Cycle Management

Improve your Revenue Cycle Mangement at AcerHealth, because our goal is to free up your staff and clinical resources from revenue cycle management, while still making sure your practice stays financially sound. and also continuously Increase practice revenue. Our comprehensive medical billing is an end to end services send you do not have to spend any energy or resources to address the billing needs.
Ask our competitors whether the following is also included in their billing services?
1. Whether they manage the patient calls?
2. Do they take care of the follow-ups with patients and unpaid accounts?
3. Do providers and practice managers have direct phone/email/text access to the billers responsible for your practice?
4. Who is responsible for re-credentialing the providers?
5. Provide on-demand custom reports specific to the needs of the practice and or providers?
6. Who is responsible for processing the provider’s hospital visit
claims, such as patient demographic and claims entry from the                                                                                                                     hospital face
sheets/hospital systems?
                                                                                                            7. How much revenue can you generate with your current                                                                                                                             production?

That’s the AcerHealth guarantee

Our patent pending Revenue Maximizer maximizes your revenue by continuously improving the process. At the heart of this process is our analysis engine which analyzes denials of various practices by different payers and presents action points for maximization of collections.


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