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Contracts And Compliance

Complete all your contracts and compliance with us.

Contracts and Compliance

Helping your center maintain work smoothly

Contracting and Credentialing

From submitting application forms to set up contracts to insurances, our skilled and dedicated team can assist you to get credentialed with insurances. Behalf of you we identify location-based high carriers and also the sort of services you provide. This ensures predictability and gains from day one.

Global Contracts with TPAs

We coordinate and negotiate with Third Party administrators on setting international contracts for services provided. Establishing international contracts lead to higher reimbursement rates and provide flexibility with payment patterns.

State-Wise Compliance

Reporting service quality data to state health registries is a measure for centers to demonstrate quality and it's a mandate in some states. For example, in New York State, it's obligatory for patient surgery centers to submit quality information to SPARCS and HCRA reportage systems. We have a machine-driven process for gathering, consolidating and submitting information in SPARCS compliant format for centers and that we facilitate ASCs to report the HCRA element to any state. We will work together with your center to grasp your state’s quality requirements and do it on your behalf, thus you can concentrate on your patients.

CAQH Database Maintenance

Physicians need to re-attest and frequently update their CAQH profile every 3 months. We review, send reminders and maintain the info on your behalf whenever needed.

Independent Audits

A small practice is often a busy place, and frequently there simply aren’t enough hours in the day or weekend to attend to the task of a medical charge audit. To beat this downside we operate with all sizes of healthcare practices like undertaking internal audits and developing customized quality protocols. Just in case you’re audited, we tend to aid you through the audit method and assist you to meet regulative needs.

ICD-10 Compliance

We have designed an extremely specific ICD-10 training program that helps the physicians and workers to grasp ICD-10 in a very better way. The course helped our clients to efficiently converse with ICD-10 and encounter zero ICD-10 coding connected denials. The curriculum constitutes an introduction to ICD-10, specialty-specific, coding scenario, coding, and ICD-10 coding and billing support.