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Credentialing Services


Credentialing Services

At Acer health, we have a unique blend of highly talented and experienced credentialing professionals who will exceed your expectations with quality service that is a seamless extension of your business operation. We have credentialed more than 300 providers.

Your Challenge

Experts in charge of the credentialing and provider enrollment process know the colossal measure of time, organization, and detail it demands. In case the application is not updated and monitored, reliably and conveniently way, the organization can run into serious reimbursement issues. Credentialing personnel can spend a huge time of their day making unlimited calls to provider services just to have their calls dropped or leave a message that is never returned. For a practice, keeping track of all the provider credentialing requirements and paperwork can be quite staggering.

Our Service

Insurance companies require providers to update credentials on regularly If updates don't seem to be addressed on time, claims may be denied leading to an interruption of money flow.

We customize our services based on organizational needs. Below is a transient listing of the many of our credentialing services offered:

  • New provider enrollment (All Payers/Multiple States)
    • Commercial insurance credentialing
    • Medicaid Provider Enrollment (including HMO’s)
    • Medicare Provider Enrollment (including HMO’s)
  • Professional License Renewal
  • PECOS/ I&A updates
  • Facility Privileging
  • NPI Registration (Type I and type II)
  • Demographic or Name Changes
  • Proview (formerly CAQH) Enrollment Updates and New Registration
  • Group & Individual Medicare Revalidation
  • Payer update requests for changes in demographic/provider data

Saifullah Nasir, MD, Stat Cardiologists, Chicago IL

At the beginning, we thought that the process of getting credentialed and submitting claims for payment would be a reasonable endeavor and something that a person with an MD could surely do. It took us about two months to realize how wrong we were. Once Acer took over, things really started moving. Acer provides us an update on the status of all credentialing with detailed call notes and got us credentialed with 90% of the insurances within the first 4 months. I appreciate all the work by Acer.

Our Approach

Management is often unaware that provider credentials haven't been updated or invalid with a specific payer. At Acer, we use a systematized set of verification protocols with every new client to make sure all provider credentials are precisely verified.

  • Expiration dates for all important provider credentials can are tracked and monitored
  • All providers credentials databases are organized and well maintained
  • Consistent credentialing status for every doctor is provided to management
  • Our Credentialing experts personally take the time to contact each insurance and authenticate the provider’s effective dates.
  • All group and provider data remain strictly confidential and is only released to persons or organizations the applicants have authorized.


Some of the important benefits associated with outsourcing credentialing include:

  • Improved cash flow
  • Reduce the value of office supplies (paper, printer ink, etc.)
  • Faster responses to queries or issues
  • Reduce prices of training due to employee’s turnover
  • Eliminate accounting errors that delay the enrollment process
  • Accelerate revenue by permitting physicians to examine patients with certain payers more quickly
  • Eliminate the immense amount of your time spent making phone calls, submitting applications, handling emails and incoming faxes.
  • Reduce in operation prices which may be up to 30-40% or more
  • Saves space by not having to store credentialing records/files
  • Keep the organization acquiescent with insurance payers Improves turnaround time, usually within 60 days.

If you’re planning to outsource the credentialing for your practice. You can contact us for further information.