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Patient Eligibility Verification

The eligibility dashboard is published for the client’s access 2 days prior to the patient visit. All information such as copay, previous balance, patient’s insurance status, authorization for any procedures is all listed in a single easy-to-use a screen for your front desk staff. At a click of a button you can download the previous balance statement from our eligibility dashboard without having to go to multiple screens in the billing system.

You can use management reports to evaluate the efficiency of front desk collections. Clients who have started using our eligibility and verification services have realized a 150% increase in their front desk collections.

Donna, NOVA Cardiovascular Care, Stafford, VA

The practice manager says “AcerHealth is now an integral part of our practice. MDBill provides all the information including past patient balances, insurance status and co-pays are in one single screen. Our staff spends less than 30 seconds to check out a patient using MDBill from Acer. Our patient statement charges have also gone down by almost 30% and our front desk collections have risen by 150% since we started using MDBill from Acer

In-network/out of network patient eligibility and benefits verification

Most of the patient is not entitled to out of network advantages. This leads to a major loss for the provider even after rendering the standard service. Acer health overcomes this drawback by often pursuing benefits verification for all the patients. We complete the patient benefits verification before the 2 days of the date of service. Some of the vital information we gather includes, type of plan, covered services, out-of-pocket services, copays and coordination of benefits.

Procedure pre-authorizations

The tremendous quantity of your time and resources endowed in persuading insurance to cover medicine or procedure is an expensive and annoying process. It usually causes a detraction in rendering the service to the patient. To overcome this drawback we provide the task in-house for you. We scale back the burden on you by finishing procedure authorizations for all patients and reporting the authorization details to you before 5 days to the date of service.

Patient financial responsibility verification

We assist you to control your patient receivables by generating and sharing patient liability reports often. This methodology helps us track and study outstanding balances and helps your center push for unfinished balances from the patients at the time of the next appointment. This practice controls the patient owed an amount and keeps the accounts clean.