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Medical Billing Services

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Medical Billing Services

Acer health puts heart and soul into the work and places your needs on top of our priority. This work ethic makes us versatile and dynamic as a team, with the power to reply to various types of clients from solo physicians to large multi-specialty practices.

Practices who started with us have seen their collections grow between 10 to 15% as soon as 6 months from starting with us. For our clients, we take complete responsibility for every aspect related to the medical billing services. Our comprehensive services include checking patient eligibility, getting the collection rate at 100% to handling any patient billing questions. Consequently, in addition to increasing their cash flow, our clients have also realized the reduction in their manpower requirements, even in cases where they changed from a different outsourced billing provider to us.

Medical Billing Revenue Cycle Management

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Whether considering switching your billing company or starting a new practice, we will work with you and implement a seamless operation from the very first day. We believe that healthcare providers ought to focus on caring for patients and not sweating over claims and patient statements. Our work with varied medical insurance companies has given us the background and experience to know what works, what doesn’t, and why. Before boarding, we will plan and assist you with the entire transition and make sure that the full team focuses on avoiding medical billing disruption. The pile out happens in a phase wise manner where, we will work with you on software and administrative requirements, data transfer requirements, take decisions on previous AR, manage vendor coordination and centralize setups.


Our specialist billing team focuses every day on maximizing results for our clients, according to government and insurance company regulations and laws. In fact, with many years of clinical and administrative experience in billing, we offer advice to our clients based on the ever-changing regulatory needs. We develop and consult with coding guides like local Coverage Determination (LCD) and National Correct Coding Initiative (NCCI) across all specialties, for accurate claims submission. We constantly observe the denial trends and keep a detailed eye on business updates to make sure billing is clean and up to mark.


The most important factor in the success of a practice is patient flow. An office without a smooth spikes in its schedule can see the loss in the revenues even after rendering quality services. We avert this problem by proactively pursuing benefits verification for all the patients. As a process, we complete patient verification for all scheduled patients 2 days before the date of service. This reduces wear and tear on staff and physicians. Systematic patient planning improves patient experience before and after the visit. Some data we gather include, type of patient insurance plan, coordination of benefits, copays, and deductible and out-of-pocket information.


Persuading an insurance company to cover medications are rapidly turning into a source of more frustration among physicians and workers of different administrative process. Usually an expensive and annoying distraction, they can weaken productivity and turnaround times for access to care. To resolve this problem, we undertake the task in-house for you. We always complete the procedure authorizations for all patients and report the authorization details to you prior 2 days before the service.


Any process without a high quality check isn't complete. Incorrect or incomplete claims has a cascading effect if it is not checked at each stage of the process. All the claims are submitted to the insurance companies within 24 hours from the time the claims are locked. Before submitting claims to carriers, they are scrubbed across the guidelines and rules and rules governed by the health insurance portability. After scrubbing, the claims are once more verified manually. This is the second tier of quality analysis. This procedure reduces the chance to get denied and boost the first pass ratio at first submission. Our first pass rate exceed 95%.


Reconciliation is an electronic gateways that guarantee figures are correct and in agreement. It confirms whether the money leaving an account matches the amount that is been spent. Setting this infrastructure ensures fast payment reconciliation and correct revenue projection. Our team constantly work and coordinate with clearing houses and carriers to line up Electronic remittance advice (ERA) and Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) that manages your payments and provides valuable strategic insights by analyzing the information accumulated. Pending patient balances are applied and adjusted frequently to avoid accumulation of unapplied payments. Apart for these we also update and assist practices on payment that glitches in the marketplace’s payment system.


Are you having trouble keeping your accounts receivable under control? Is a lack of skilled resources leading to a backlog of claims that require to be processed? Are you worried? To make this procedure simple we follow up on claims 10 day prior the date of service. This enables us to get accurate status on claims and makes it easy in resolving the denied issues and predict revenues for the practice.


No matter how smart your claims submission process, denied claims are reaching to happen and management of those issues are going to be a fact of life for medical practices. To beat this drawback we tend to follow daily denial management method to make sure claims reconciliation as quickly as possible. Don’t leave cash on the table, we usually recover the 70 % of the denied claims. Whenever a denial is encountered, it's flagged and instantly sent to the accounts assets team for resolution. Our cohesively tied teams are in constant coordination with each other until proper denial resolution is achieved. This avoids accumulation of accounts receivable, reduces AR and at the end of the day increases the revenue.

Handle Patient Billing Related Questions

Acerhealth dedicated customer services team handles all your patients billing related questions. There is a dedicated line just for your practice.


Our Smart Reports will provide you thorough and holistic analysis of your practice’s financial and operational health, so you can make informed decisions.

Acer Health Smart Reports has an intuitive interface with enticing dashboards and graphical assortments. You can generate reports and graphs by specifying parameters and monitor the key performance indicators of your practice such as operational costs, the billing & reimbursement cycle, accounts receivable and revenue stream. This analysis will help you identify and isolate under-performing areas and operational silos, so you can increase productivity, maximize revenue.


To set you up for long-term success, our dedicated team will help you at many medical process. We work in unison with you and your dedicated team to get quality out growth for your business. IF you encounter, any technical and billing issues, we are readily available to help you serve better.