Patient balance estimator

Provide the honest cost transparency
that the patients now demand

Patient Balance Estimator

One of the biggest challenge provider’s face today is collecting the past dues from the patients. In healthcare the providers must wait for months to get compensated after rendering valuable service. MDBill’s patient balance estimator helps your front desk to determine out of pocket patient responsibility, insurance eligibility and benefit information resulting in better collections at the time of patients visit. It’s much easier to request payment when patients can see what they owe.

Out of Pocket Calculator

MDBill calculates the out-of-pocket cost for individual patients based on their individual insurance contracts. You can auto calculate your contract allowable rates across all CPT and HCPCS codes. With accurate estimates at the time of visit, you can provide your patients with the cost-transparency they now demand. It’s much easier to request payment when patients can see what they owe. Collecting patients out of pocket expense at the time of visit helps decrease the risk of bad debt and increase in cash flow

Shedding Costs on Statements

Improve your cash flow by shedding costs involved in patient payment – no paper statements, collection calls and commission to third party agency. Produce customized patient letter containing the patient-specific estimate and which can also include current and past balances. You can reduce the statement costs, increase the efficiency and cut the time delay in collection.

Patient-Provider relationship

Patient satisfaction is the crux of healthcare business and our goal is to narrow the bridge by providing transparency in this process, which will further strengthen patient-provider relationship. Apart from enhancing the revenue stream, Patient Balance Estimator provides the pricing transparency that the patients demand and hence increasing patient satisfaction.

Increase Collection

Showing patients what they owe not only sets payment expectation, it also creates an immediate opportunity to collect the payment when the patient is in the office. Avoid chasing balances later by beginning to close them at the front desk.