Patient Statements & Payment Portal

Technology has dramatically improved capabilities within the health care industry. Embrace the new technological advancements by providing patients ability to make payments over the phone, send electronic patient statements via email and also send patient statement balance reminders via text messages.

Communicate the Way Your Patients Prefer

E-Deliver patient statements for those who prefer to communicate via email. This method reduces the postage and reduces the time take to receive the patient statements. In addition, the solution also makes it easy for patients to pay immediately.

Embrace Digital Payments

We always keep the track of the changing trend and technology in the health care industry. Provide ability to patients to make payments over the phone or through any other digitally connected devices. With Acerhealth Patient payment portal, your patients? checks or credit card payments go straight to your associated bank account.

Send Text Reminders

Increase patient payments by sending statement balance due reminders via phone text messages.