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Practice Analytics

Smart Reports © has the ability to integrate with any practice management/billing system to provide you meaningful reports and easy-to-use reports. You don’t have to sort out hundreds of pages of data to get the information you need and are still unable to get a handle on things in your practice.

Our Smart Reports will provide you thorough and holistic analysis of your practice’s financial and operational health, so you can make informed decisions.

Acer Health Smart Reports has an intuitive interface with enticing dashboards and graphical assortments. You can generate reports and graphs by specifying parameters and monitor the key performance indicators of your practice such as operational costs, the billing & reimbursement cycle, accounts receivable and revenue stream. This analysis will help you identify and isolate under-performing areas and operational silos, so you can increase productivity, maximize revenue.

Along with the standard tabular reports,
here is a glimpse at the automatic tools now available to you

Graphs and Trend

A graph is worth a thousand words and can help the audience grasp visually the information that has to be conveyed. To enrich the user experience we will provide you relevant graphs for all available information.

Drill Downs

For any report, you can find the complete information from practice level to provider level details in a few clicks in an Effortless way and much more.

Performance Measurement Reports

Compare your practice performance yearly or monthly base. Find out which provider has an increased performance and revenue volume.

Insurance Reimbursements

Compare Insurances on how they are paying currently for any given CPT code. At a click of a button, you can determine any underpaying insurances.

Procedure Code Aging

Most software’s only provides ability to run aging by insurance. In Acer Smart reports, you can run aging by procedure code. This will provide you an immediate insight on problematic procedure codes


Compare your performance, cash flow information significantly and identify the opportunities for improvement