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We serve in over 20+ geographies in various specialties which includes internal medicine; cardiology; nephrology; pulmonology; gastroenterology, dermatology; ENT; OB/GYN; pediatrics; podiatry and psychiatry.

We use inhouse built proprietary and cutting-edge technologies along with outstanding customer service to differentiate ourselves. See what our clients say about services.

Saifullah Nasir, MD
Stat Cardiologists, Chicago IL

At the beginning, we thought that the process of getting credentialed and submitting claims for payment would be a reasonable endeavor and something that a person with an MD could surely do. It took us about two months to realize how wrong we were. Once Acer took over, things really started moving. Acer provides us an update on the status of all credentialing with detailed call notes and got us credentialed with 90% of the insurances within the first 4 months. I appreciate all the work by Acer.

Kambiz Yazdani, MD
NOVA Cardiovascular Care, Stafford VA

Acer Health billers and coders are on top of everything. Since Acer started to do to our medical billing, insurance denials are few and far between. Acer has given our practice the special attention we desired and needed to run a good business. There has not been one complaint about our medical billing in the year and a half that they have worked for us.

Leelamma George, MD
Colonial Heights, VA

We are extremely pleased with the quality of services and knowledge Acer Health provides. By outsourcing our billing, we can trust that it will be handled with confidence; claims will be submitted efficiently, information will be inputted accurately, and attention to detail will always be a priority. Our reimbursements are now maximized to their full potential. Acer has handled every aspect of our billing, and every question has always been turned into a solution. They are quick to respond to requests needed in our office to help our productivity. Their continued quality service has resulted in a major decrease in our accounts receivable and I can depend on their professional staff getting the job done right, and in a timely manner.

Sathish Cullath, MD
Premier Health Consultants, Streamwood, IL

Acer Health staff is reliable and efficient, and they have significantly increased my collections. I was concerned about changing billing services, but they made the transition seamless. There was no delay in our accounts receivables, in fact, I saw a significant increase in the number of collections we received. Now we get paid by the insurance companies more quickly than I ever before.

Kochurani Puthumana, MD
Colonial Heights, VA

As a doctor in these times, I understand the importance of dependable service. Acerhealth has helped me un-focus from the billing side of my practice and focus on taking care of my patients. Since we started with Acer, our collections have increased by 30% without adding any additional providers or services to our practice.

Adil Usman, MD
Premier Dermatology, Ashburn VA

Acer Health has been with us since 2010. Acer quickly adapts to all the procedure billing guidelines and help me receive 99% collection of all charges submitted. They also credentialed me with several payers over the past four years. Account Managers are very helpful in providing analytical reports and answering all my questions. Their online reports portal is very user-friendly and helps me get any practice or billing related information at a click of a button.

Shadi Marina, MD
Streamwood, IL

Acer’s customer service managers are knowledgeable and go above and beyond to address any requests from us, however small it may be. Acers dedicated team of professionals gets me the results I wanted, which is 99% collections.

Praveen Seshabhattar, MD
Louisville, Kentucky

Compared to last year, my receipts for January through April are up 21% with absolutely no change in my practice other than billing services. I couldn't be happier with making the change to J & C Billing. I would immediately recommend them to any medical practice looking to make a change.